About Us


Toolcomp Systems Pvt Ltd is committed to

  • Design Manufacture and supply of quality high precision tooling for tight tolerance parts.

  • Manufacturing and supply of injection moulded parts.

Toolcomp Systems (TCS) is committed to consistent quality of high precision tooling enabling quick time to market advantage of all the projects requiring tight tolerance parts and as well, has facilities for supply of injection moulded parts.

Incorporated in the year 2000 as a design house, by 2007, Toolcomp Systems has evolved into an integrated tool design and manufacturing solutions provider for a diverse range of industries. Toolcomp Systems can work closely with customers to custom design and manufactureof precision Moulds, Press tools,Die Casting Dies etc., in its modern facilities located in Bangalore, India.Core strength of Toolcomp Systems lies in its flexibility to adapt to varying needs of its customers and handle projects of varying magnitudes.

Toolcomp Systems is well equipped with Design softwares, Tool room machinery, and Moulding machines.

Customers have the advantage of working with tool design professional with over 30 years of experience in leadership positions who are well supported by tooling professionals with vast experience.